An Article by: Mike Roberts

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Do You Need A Decorated Website Built Fast For The Holidays


Why Decorate your website for the Holidays?

If you have contracted with High Powered Graphics to manage your website, we will gladly post Holiday cheer to your website upon request. Why do websites decorate for holidays? Even more interestingly, why do websites celebrate special occasions that are unrelated to their main topic?

There are two main reasons for websites to recognize holidays, and both reasons fall under the same general category: To respect users as human beings, rather than simply as traffic or a source of e-commerce transactions. Commemorating Holidays is a way for websites to connect to users and be seen as welcoming environments, rather than places focused solely on money grubbing.

More specifically, the main reason for a website to commemorate a holiday is to appear current and up-to-date. Major holidays and special events are important to users, and they enjoy seeing these special days reflected in the physical décor of their surroundings. A website that doesn’t reflect what’s currently topical and important to users will feel out of touch. Worse, it might feel stale, and users might think it’s outdated in other respects as well.

“This is probably an outdated website since it doesn’t show that it’s Christmas now.”

The second reason for a website to feature holiday or event decorations is to increase joy of use. Even simple ornaments like a Christmas wreath, a Valentine’s heart, or a Hanukkah can create a small moment of happiness for users as they’re reminded of the happiness the holiday or special occasion brings. A user might be engaged in the dreary task of researching something mundane for example, and be reminded that it’s Christmas and a happy time of year just by your decorations. This can cause them to also remember your website and return.