Condo Association Web Design Hillcrest Hollywood Florida. Upon the unit owner’s written request, the association must provide the unit owner with a username and password and access to the protected sections of the association’s website that contain any notices, records, or documents that must be electronically provided.

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On June 26, 2017 Governor Rick Scott approved HB 1237*, amending Florida Statutes 718, and requiring that an association with 150 units or more to have a website and post digital copies of official records on it.

718.111(12)(g), Florida Statutes


An independent website or web portal wholly owned and operated by the association;

A website or web portal operated by a third-party provider with whom the association owns, leases, rents or otherwise obtains the right to operate a web page, subpage, web portal, or collection of subpages or web portals dedicated to the association’s activities and on which required notices, records, and documents may be posted by the association;

The association’s website must be accessible through the Internet and must contain a subpage, web portal, or other protected electronic location that is inaccessible to the general public and accessible only to unit owners and employees of the association.

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