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We at High Powered Graphics want to save you time and energy with our fast loading websites. New search engine requirements declare war on low quality sites whose main goal is to pile up useless content by producing large amounts of poor quality text, graphics, codes and provide personal information to spammers is our concern. We want your website to be search engine friendly, fast to load and provide the best quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our websites have been profiled as organic, a healthy way to provide business owners as well as their clients an easier approach to navigate the sites with simplicity.
The number one reason a prospective client leaves a website is:  Page is very slow to load due to pop ups and clutter.

High Powered Graphics offers our clients a unique way to help our wonderful planet one business card, postcard, brochure and website at a time. Our printers were one of the first printers in the nation to begin using soy-oil based inks instead of the traditional petroleum base. Our printers use Aqueous and UV coatings which consist of very low to zero traces of volatil organic compounds (VOC) and reduction of harmful components which damage our atmosphere and our environment. They use 100% recycled paper, not produced in illegally deforested trees.

    Join our winning side of clients making a difference.

Go Green, Save Energy, Money and Time with Us!

At High Powered Graphics we want to step up to the plate and provide you with a beautiful, creative, custom tailored design anybody will be able to appreciate from their home PC, laptop, smart phone or business without the hassles of slowing your browser and running out of memory. Among other features, you will be able to interact with our webmaster and designers as we are a local South Florida company. We do not believe in automated services. You will be interacting with us at all times. Remember, Less is more nowadays.
Print Green!

Go Green !