I receive many calls from local South Florida companies that need to increase traffic to their existing websites. Many businesses do not have the budget necessary for me to create an entirely new updated website for them and ask for an alternative. At this point I suggest a Google Adwords account maintained by a professional adwords management company. High Powered Graphics is now partnered with the one of the largest certified Google adwords companies in South Florida  Call us to speak with an adwords professional today.



Now I agree anyone can set up an Adwords account and generate traffic to their website literally at the push of a button. However, though simple in theory, of all the people who will try it on their own, very few will succeed.

Before you decide to tackle Adwords Pay-Per-Click advertising by yourself, have a look at why I think your South Florida business should hire the pay-per-click advertising pros with High Powered Graphics.


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How Much Time Can You Invest?

Do you have enough free time in your business schedule? Managing a PPC campaign can be very time-consuming, depending upon your industry and budget. Adwords will take any advertiser a remarkable amount of energy, every month to maintain properly. You must work in the Adwords platform for a considerable amount of time just to learn how to navigate the system. Much less to learn how to use all the available tools, all the rules and regulations and the advertising strategies that work for your business model.

Our Professional Management Company has the proven knowledge needed to build a detailed, streamlined and highly targeted campaign in as little as 5 days. Not only do you get set-up and running much quicker but you have a campaign that saves advertising money wasted while you go through the learning curve. Our Adwords experts also understand how to effectively launch a marketing strategy from the beginning.

Essentially, it would take a novice ‘marketer’ several months to build a targeted advertising campaign with little or no prior knowledge of Google Adwords.

How Knowledgeable are you About Adwords?

Knowledge and expertise comes from experience. You can gain experience by learning all you need to in order to build, manage and produce a profit with an Adwords campaign. Google is constantly changing and evolving so you must stay up-to-date with everything, because you can be certain your competition is.

Do you have time to invest into reading forums, pay-per-click blogs or articles and the Google Adwords help center.

Remember, you can always get your hands dirty! Open an account and start testing your skills and advertise while you learn. You will be forced to learn when using trial by fire. When you are spending money you have no choice but to learn quickly.

Or you can call High Powered Graphics. Our Adword certified consultants understand the ends and out and have the experience needed to advertise your business effectively from the beginning. It all goes back to how much time you have. Monthly management fees will seem trivial when you factor in how much time and work is involved running a profitable Adwords campaign, it is money well spent.